Sunday, August 23, 2009

A Sunday morning decadent breakfast

A few weeks ago, we were at Jesse's parents' house for dinner. I made sure to bring my vegan additions for dinner, but totally forgot to ask what was for dessert (we never really eat dessert at home), so I missed out on strawberry shortcake. Actually, I had a giant bowl of strawberries, so I was fine with it. But what really surprised me was that they made shortcakes, and that they looked like scones rather than the spongy, store-bought shortcakes I remember from my childhood. I was intrigued and decided I had to make my own! I got strawberries at the farmers market yesterday, so today was the day!

I've made scones once, and while I liked them a lot, I perused my other cookbooks this morning hoping to find a simpler recipe. Isa Moskowitz to the rescue! The basic scone recipe in Vegan with a Vengeance only required staple ingredients that I always have (the Joy of Vegan Baking recipe uses soy butter, which I usually don't have around) and only took 20 minutes from start to finish! My plan was to top my strawberry shortcake with icecream, but I used the last of my coffee creamer for the scones and put the icecream in my coffee instead. Yum yum!

Shout out to Jess for the (soy) icecream in coffee idea!

Cute little scones just out of the oven

This is what happens when I clean off the coffee table

Cookie using all of her willpower not to attack Zoey's tail

I hope you all had a fun and delicious weekend! xoxo Chelsea


Jen said...

i think i may get sconed tonight, totally sconed outta my mind. the best thing about getting sconed? you don't have to worry about piss tests.

Bianca said...

Glad your back!!!! Missed you! I made sconey-like shortcakes this past spring for the first time and loved them so much more than those spongy cakes. Cookie is so cute (just look at those prissy paws)! And of course Zoey is too!


Yummy, strawberry scones sound so delicious!

Penny said...

Those are such sweet cats! and such willpower!!!
Your shortcakes look very good indeed. My offspring, following my advice, put Swedish Glace icecream on top of their drinking chocolate. I was trying to think of an alternative to marshmallows (difficult to get nice vegan ones) and came up with that idea. They love it!

Mandee said...

Such a good lookin' brekky and your cats are still v.cutes!