Sunday, December 21, 2008

My latest obsession - pancakes!

It's been snowing like the dickens here in Portland! Actual snow is a pretty rare occurrence here, so the city basically shuts down when the roads get slick. PSU was closed for 2 days last week, and had late openings for 2! It was sort of annoying because my vacation is supposed to be most of this week and all of next week (we're closed for children, so it's optional inservice time), and now I'll have to make some of that time up or just not get paid... I was planning to go in tomorrow, but I just found out we're closed again! Yikes!

One awesome perk of being around the house unexpectedly last week (other than frolicking in the snow) was that I actually had time to make breakfast! I read on one of your awesome blogs that Bisquick is vegan (sorry don't remember which...), so I decided to pick some up and try it out. Pancakes have always been a big frustration for me; I've tried a ton of recipes and they've all turned out like crap! Recently I had a breakthrough with the basic recipe from VWAV, and finally figured out what the batter is supposed to look like and when to flip the damn things (thank you so much Isa!). I have a dinky kitchen with NO counter space, so I thought I'd try the Bisquick out to cut down on dishes to wash and all that. Oh man, is it easy! And the Heart Smart kind doesn't have any weird crap in it. I've found that replacing the egg is totally unnecessary, just use equal parts Bisquick and soymilk. Here are some of my recent pancakes:

Chocolate chip soynog pancakes

Strawberry blueberry pancakes with tofu scramble and hashbrowns in the background

Strawberry flax walnut pancakes
I recently moved the living room furniture around a bit to make space for the Solstice Tree, and the kitties seem to love it! I actually really like it, too. It isn't a whole lot different, but I moved the big cozy chair into a corner where you can't see the tv, and it makes a really lovely spot for reading, and also creates a view out the window in a different direction than I've really looked before.

The cuties!

Lights on!

Lights off! Yay!

Happy Holidays everyone! Peace, love, vegan, and all that good shit :)


shelby said...

Glad the pancakes worked out for you!!! Those hashbrowns look so good, and the tofu scramble too!

VeganView said...

Ah! I always love reading your posts. Delish looking pancakes, and sweet tree!

jessy said...

happy holidays to you, too! all of your pancakes look perfect, and now i'm totally craving pancakes! mmmmmmmm! very cool on bisquick be'n vegan - that's good to know. and less dishes to wash is always a good thing. those hashbrowns look soooo good - i would eat a million of them with those pancakes! hooray for snow and delightfully awesome pancake breakfasts! yay!

oh yeah - your Solstice Tree = the best! hooray for more kitties! they're too damn cute! squeeeeeeeeeee!

River said...

Pancakes are always welcome in my belly. I love your little cuties!

Jen said...

happy holidays right back at you. i love pancakes too. random question: have you ever seen "cabin fever"? there's a cameo role with some wacky tow headed kid named dennis who bites and is apparently into karate. at one point in the movie, he attacks the main character and hollers, "PANCAKES!!"

Katie said...

Mmm I've got a thing for pancakes too. Yum yum! Happy Holidays :)

bamboo said...

Pancakes kick ass, and yours look DELISH!! Especially the chocolate chip/soynog ones! I think I may make a batch myself now!

Also, I can't believe the amount of snow you guys in PDX got!!! It's insane!

Joanna said...

normally, i would be drooling over those pancakes, but i just got done chowing down copious amounts of vegan desserts. i feel like i'm gonna burst.

hope you had a nice christmas!!! sorry about all the snow. pittsburgh had a snow-free holiday.

alaina said...

pancakes are so much better when they're huge like that!

ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

Woohoo! Someone who eats big breakfasts like I do! I love pairing my pancakes with tofu scramble... and your pancakes look superb :o)