Sunday, April 12, 2009

Crunky testers and CHOCOLATE!

I tested two side dishes for Vegan Crunk's upcoming cookbook this week - Mess O' Greens with Turnips and Mashed Sweet Taters. Both of these recipes were freakin' delicious, but seriously - the greens recipe would be worth the purchase price alone! I doubt I will ever make greens another way again. I enjoyed them with baked tofu. Oh yeeeeaaaahhhhh.

More greens n' turnips with a tempeh sandwich

I told you I really like 'em! I made them again last night to go with Jesse's new favorite sandwich - marinated tempeh and onion. I found some Annie's marinade's at Grocery Outlet a few weeks ago for $1.49! I should have bought more...

Pretty place setting!

I spent a few hours yesterday reclaiming the dining room table for eating. Well, most of it at least. There's still a drill press on the corner of it. You see, living in a one bedroom apartment, our dining room also serves as our office and Jesse's workspace/hobby space. Moving and organizing everything was a pain in the butt, but the room feels twice as big and it just makes me happy! Yay :)

Chocolate pancakes topped with Special Cocoa Spread and maple syrup and hashbrowns

I did a swap on the PPK last month, and got a box full of awesome stuff from New Jersey! One of these awesome things is a chocolate spread from Israel, very similar to Nutella but without the nuts. It is quite delicious on pancakes as well as on cookies, in a peanut butter sandwich, and of course - right out of the jar! I am in chocolate heaven!!!

Happy Easter if you celebrate, and if you're a heathen like me - you should eat some chocolate anyway! xoxo Chelsea


Anonymous said...

Now I'm craving some greens!!! Everything sounds wonderful.

Chocolate Spread = HEAVEN!

jessy said...

i saw your post on the PPK - you got hooked up in the swap! that rocks! especially the chocolate sauce! mmmmmmmmmm! hooray for chocolate pancakes and super deeeelicious hashbrowns! yummmmm!

i still haven't tested those two recipes of Bianca's and i really need to! the greens sound absolutely glorious (and your look divine!)! :) i love your tofu & those tempeh 'n onion sammies sound amazing!

i love it all!

VeganView said...

Your greens look so beautiful and delicious! Paired with a tempeh sandwich is pretty much one of the best things on earth. Everything looks great.
Chocolate pancakes, never had them but now I just might...

Bianca said...

Haha! Yea for heathens! Anyway, I'm sooo glad you liked the tester recipes. I was a little concerned about those because I didn't get much response from them on the tester site for awhile...thank you, thank you!!

And I love those kind of hash browns. The frozen good! The tempeh sammich sounds delightful too!!

T said...

I can't wait till that cookbook comes out, every recipe just looks phenomenal!

And those pancakes look luscious... I love using spreads on my pancakes!

Sal said...

those pancakes and hash browns look so good.

Anonymous said...

Those greens look so good! "Greens" are harder to come by here - send kale & collards!
Your hasbrowns look delicious. Why don't I make some?

Tami (Vegan Appetite) said...

Mmmm...that tempeh sandwich looks so good!