Thursday, April 23, 2009

Hail Seitan!

I buy seitan every now and then, and I especially like the Cast Iron kind, but I've always been intimidated by the idea of making it at home. Baking is my biggest kitchen challenge, and I think it was the whole kneading the dough part that freaked me out. The recipes being more than a page long didn't help, either... After having baking successes in the last few months, I decided to try out seitan! I used the recipe from Vegan with a Vengeance (omitting the lemon zest), and it was wicked easy, cheap, and tasty!

Seitan blobs on the stove forever! I got bored so...

I took a picture of my new shoes. Cute, huh? $6 at Ross!

And I needed a drink with all that waiting! Vodka, natural soda, and canned berries are a good combo! :)

Still simmering... time for a Cookie photo shoot!

She loves the camera!

Finally, it was all ready! I simply sliced and sauteed the seitan, and served it with salad and the Crash Hot Potatoes that Jessy and Shellyfish have featured on their fabulous blogs - what a dinner! Even though I didn't cook the potatoes long enough to properly squash them, it was good eatin'!

Mmm mmmmmm!


Tami (Vegan Appetite) said...

I like how you cook! Not only are you making seitan (one of my faves), but with awesome shoes and a drink in your hand. That's style!

Oh, and dinner looks great, too!

shelby said...

I haven't made seitan in a long time! It's really easy once you get the hang of it. And there's a baked seitan recipe on have cake, will travel that is even quicker!

jessy said...

that's some serious seitan success, Chelsea! wahooooooo! glad you made some of those crash hot potatoes! watch out - they're addictive! ahahhahahaha! mmmmmmm!

ms. cookie cracks me up - she's just the cutest!

shellyfish said...

Ohhh, the crash hot taters! They really are the best! And your cocktail looks just perfect right now.

Alison said...

That is the first recipe I tried for seitan, too. I was surprised by how easy it was and it's so good! My boyfriend (an omni) loves seitan and will eat it just about anyway I prepare it.

Agnesss =) said...

Hi Chelsea!!

Great to be on your blog again!! =D HOW ARE YOU,Girl..??!! =DD

OHHHHHH COOKIE lookS ABSOLUTELY SWEET ,,,,!!!!!!!! Soooo cute....=D mmm,,,,!! =PP

Hope to hear from you soon!!

Enjoy your day!!

Jeni Treehugger said...

Aww Cookie's just the cutest, fluffiest cat in the world. She's dying for a tummy rub!
Nice shoes too.

Heather Z said...

I made homemade seitan the other day too. I usually make a big batch and then you can freeze some for later. It thaws out nicely and is great for a quick meal.

jlie said...

Helooooo Cookie!
I haven't tried making seitan yet! Haha.

disa said...