Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Anatomy of a shopping run

Well... actually I was just stopping by Whole Foods after work to get fruit. Yeah right! I was way too hungry for that :) I only spent $30.05 though, so it could have been much worse!
Here's what I got:
3 bananas
3 Granny Smith apples
3 Bartlett pears
Naked Green Machine
1 firm tofu
1 extra firm tofu
2 lbs. red quinoa
miso soup
3 cashew Lara Bars
package of dulse seaweed
Tofutti Sour Supreme
1/4 lb. nooch
pecan sticky bun

I don't usually buy bananas because they are shipped from so far away and because of the labor issues associated with their production, but my Whole Foods just started carrying Earth University bananas, so I grabbed some. From the website, "For more than fifteen years, EARTH University faculty, staff, and students have been experimenting on EARTH´s on-campus banana farm. Together, they have developed new techniques to increase quality and reduce the environmental and social impact of commercial banana production. Several of the environmental management techniques developed at EARTH over the years have become banana industry standards." Pretty cool, huh?

Have a lovely evening, everyone! I can't believe I'm posting before it's dark out - now I can catch up on all of your fabulous blogs!


River said...

Oh man, this is GREAT timing! We're planning a trip down to Whole Foods tomorrow and I'll be checking those bananas out! Thanks for the awesome tip! And thank you for your super sweet comment!! :)

alaina said...

whole foods is the devil, it always breaks my wallet!

VeganFabulous said...

$30 isn't bad for Whole Paycheck!

How do you like the book "American Gods"? Isn't Neil Gaiman the guy from Talk of the Nation?

I am reading a text book on business ethics. Pretty interesting though.

jelymo said...

i've never been to WF or TJs. i understand the buying locally and slave labor issue, fortunately for us we get all our bananas from the food pantry and don't have to pay for them. they're usually overripe, so i cut 'em up and store them in the freezer as vegan "eggs" for baking or smoothie bases.

VeganView said...

I heart Whole Foods...awesome info about the bananas, THANK YOU, so informative.

allularpunk said...

yum yum yum yum yum yum yum (imagine me giddily saying that in a very sing-songy voice)

jessy said...

that's pretty cool on the bananas. we don't buy them either because of the food miles attached to them, but i might have to check those guys out for a once in a while purchase. thanks!

oh man, i can't wait to see what you do with all the quinoa! mmmmmmmmm!

Jeni Treehugger said...

That's so cool about the bananas!
I hardly ever buy bananas for the same reason.

Usha said...

Every time I visit Whole foods I land up buying a whole lot of stuff I never planned to buy in the first place....they have some cool stuff...thanks for the information on bananas :)