Sunday, October 19, 2008

Tag! The vegan freezer game!

So I was tagged for this fun game by the lovely VeganView, and now I get to show you all my freezer! I was so tempted to go shopping and stock up my freezer after taking photos and realizing there isn't much in there... but maybe that means I'm being good and eating lots of fresh and local stuff? haha
From L to R: some corn, frozen water bottles wrapped with socks for the chinchillas when it gets too hot (I guess I can put those away now!), stirfry veggies, 2 tupperwares of lasagna, tater tots, spiced rum, chocolate Soy Delicious (not so great on it's own, but awesome for milkshakes), icecubes, some granola, and a bunch of little icepacks. Jesse is an avid airsoft player (real looking guns that shoot pellets - him and his friends go out in the woods and play war basically) and he used those in the summer to stick in his gear to keep him cool. Boys are weird!

Here's the door part of the freezer:

Blueberries, more corn (I can never remember if I used the last of it so I buy more - I do that with tater tots, too!), and a Voodoo Doughnut bag with our wedding doughnut in it. I tried to eat it the day after we got married, and Jesse got all upset because it's some tradition to save it, I guess. Because we're so traditional getting married late at night in a doughnut shop! haha

And now, I get to tag 3 of you for the freezer game!

Jelymo of That Pain in the Ass Vegan - because she's hilarious and super cool and I love her and I want to check out her frozen dinner collection!

Bianca of Vegan Crunk - because she is always making me drool with her scrumptious Southern style cooking and she's super duper awesome!

Jess of Get Sconed - because she's totally rad and hers was the first vegan blog I ever read (after finding her other blog Stumptown Vegans) and I wanna see what local treasures she has stashed away!

Only 10 days left of VeganMoFo! Can you believe it???


River said...

Are those Whole Foods food storage containers? I have the same ones!
I love the doughnut story, are you supposed to eat it on your first wedding anniversary?

jess (of Get Sconed!) said...

Your freeze is so clean! I'll fill this out, but a warning, my is insane. I've been told I need a second freezer before : )

Oh yeah, I think I walked past you at the market this weekend - at the stand across from the welcome center! maybe?

Jeni Treehugger said...

I can't get over how all your freezers have room in the doors!
I've never seen that in my life - must be an American thing. Such a cool (hahaha) idea.

jelymo said...

i'll take a freezer pic when i get home. beware: i have an omni husband, so there will be some views of things us vegans don't nom.

thanks for tagging me!

jelymo said...

ps- agreed, your freezer is really clean.

Chelsea said...

Jelymo - I totally hid some cheese Hot Pockets behind the So Delicious! haha

Jess - I don't know! I was there around noon and I think I was wearing a red hoodie or a leopard print coat. It's crazy how many people I always run into there!

Anonymous said...

Nice freezer!