Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Beets a roastin'

I roasted some beets this evening while I was watching Obama's infomercial. Wasn't it great? It had the cheeze factor with the background music, the issues and solutions discussed plainly and with text, showed Obama in an Oval office-looking format, had the emotional highlights from his campaign speeches (when he talked about his mom dying of cancer and having to figure all the insurance stuff out, it totally broke my heart!), and on top of all that, really highlighted the people of America that will be helped by an Obama administration. How could anybody be undecided after that? Right?!?

Oh yeah, back to beets. They're good. I always thought I hated them because of the crappy salad bar canned kind I'd had, until I tried them for real at the Farmers Market a few years ago. The beets I roasted were from the market, and the cute old vendor (he had to be like 70!) told me to take as many as I wanted when I asked him about how many a pound is because I only had $3 left. How sweet is that? When they cooled down and I got to skinning them, I was delighted to find that I had an orange, a yellow, a red, and a deep purple beet. Woo hoo! My salad was quite beautiful.
Here's Cookie napping. She's extra fluffy because she just had a bath today - the poor kitty needs them fairly often because with that long hair, she gets some major dingleberries! She's currently licking the Goddess dressing remnants out of my empty salad bowl...


jessy said...

i'm sitting here at work in my cube, Chelsea, and i just busted out laughing SO HARD! i saw the cute picture of cookie and then read on to "dingleberries" and had a fantastical laugh! that's freak'n funny! i can totally see that happening with long haired cats, too! back in the day i used to work at a doggie daycare center - we did boarding, daycare, grooming, you name it - but there was this really nice older lady who would bring in her long haired kitty to have its bum shaved every couple of months. i finally asked her what that was about and she said her porr kitty would get poo stuck in its hair were its bum not shaved! crazy! :) i am sure Cookie much prefers a bath to a shaved bum!

now on to beets....i used to abhor beets as well. i had only tried them once when i was wee and they were also from a can. i was sad - they looked so pretty but tasted like pure ick. then i had some roasted on a salad and i fell in looooove! beets are my absolute fav - i love how earthy they taste! mmmmmmmm! and what a nice vendor, too - he rocks! :D hooray for beets - i'm totally putting them on my grocery list so i can have a salad as lovely as yours this weekend. thanks!

VeganView said...

I did not get a chance to see the Obama commercial, but I am glad to hear all your thoughts on it!
I absolutely love beets and your salad looks sooo colorful and healthy!
Your cookie is so precious!

Agnesss =) said...

Hey heyy Chelsea !!

What an AUTUMN0Y SALAD-y!! Yayyy it looks delicious!!!!!! I LOVE BEETS =D =D =D mmm!!!!!

What do you think, will Obama win the elections?? Just curious how the feelings are in the US right now..=)

If you have time pls come to visit my new post...=)))

Enjoy the day!!

River said...

What a beautiful and colorful salad! Cookie is so furry and cute!! Damn you asthma, I want furry kitties!!

Melynda said...

Your kitty is sooo cute and fluffy! I love the word dingleberries. It makes me laugh every time I hear (or read) it. :) Your salad looks fantastic! Would you be willing to do a cooking segment for Animal Defense Media?